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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

These is How Number Verification is Done in the New Get Help World Wide Xclusive

These is How to perform phone number verification on Gethelp xclusive platform 

These is How Number Verification is Done in the New Get Help World Wide Xclusive
We are all excited to see that the launch of the Xclusive portal and migration is coming along just fine. we have had some technical issues which surfaced as usage of ghw xclusive increased exponentially, but we are glad all issues are been fixed rapidly as they are been discovered as time goes on.

The Phone Verification Process will commence today, and every member is expected to participate actively to gain Credibility Score

How to verify a  member using the following process
  • Go to community support menu 
  • Click on Phone verification link
  • System will give you a member’s contact (Name & Phone) the sytem will also give him/her your details to contact when the participant clicks on Verify me.
  • Contact the user (via SMS or Call) & request for their Verification code
  • Come back to the system and type the phone number and the provided code
  • The member is verified and you will earn 1% CScore.
How to verify yourself
The Process for Phone verification has been changed.
Your profile will be assigned to a member to confirm.

  • To get the details of the member, click on "Unconfirmed Click ME" link on the dashboard. 
  • Then Call/Text the member with your GHW registered number. 
  • an that is all.... 
All You need to do now is start getting your Phone Numbers verified now!!!

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