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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tech gist: Google Launches 2017 Blogger Template.

Google Launches 2017 Blogger Template.

Screenshot of the latest template google launched yesterday and i am using one at the moment.... You dont need to go through so many stress of ecoding your html just to have all the widget a blog needs to have...
What you have to do is pick one of them template and back up the old one you have been using for some time now...
Some of the stress you dont have to go through when using this new google templates is as follows.....

  • No need for encoding Auto Read more on your html tags
  • Easy resizing of any picture you upload and better optimization.
  • Larger format of a featured post widget so that your Audience can see.
  • Ads placement is optimized by google because the placement was selected by google.
  • Nice page header and pages format and are well centralized for views choice.
  • Post comment made easy, its either comments is clicked from homepage or at the bottom of any post.
  • Lastly it is very user friendly and can easily be navigated.
  • Recommended for bloggers without Adsense approval because it can give you a better chance of been approved without self. Why, because of the navigation system.
And so on...

This is mine and am loving it... What you should know its very very responsive and for those who already have adsense, it will boose both adsense earnings and clicks and drive more traffic to your blog.

this is my new look...Contempo blogger template.

Naijaessentials say so....peace out.

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