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Sunday, March 26, 2017

See The 10 Basic Things Guys Do That Turn Ladies On

See The 10 Basic Things Guys Do That Turn Ladies On

Do you ever think of ways to turn your lady on? it is so simple.
Who doesn’t love romance? even if you are the saint or the church type, you still feel some type of way when your man shows romantic gestures towards you. Go on romantic dates, go to the beach, get her flowers, be spontaneous, make her breakfast in bed, send her text messages, say words that causes butterflies in her tummy. Ladies love guys that are romantic, no doubt.
Oh you cannot under estimate the power of a good, strong scent. It takes any guy from 0-100 instantly! Ladies get turned on by a guy that smells soft and nice. Burberry, calvinKlein, Bvlgari and many more are those perfumes that drives ladies crazy.
Traditional Wear aka Trad:
You know what they say about demons in trad? it is not just a saying but fact. Ladies feel great with guys in trad. Truth is you can’t go wrong when you have a clean native attire. Anyway, girls like to see guys in any type of trad. Especially white, navy blue or black.
Credit cards:
It is one thing to have an empty card and another thing to have a card fill with cash and all. Ladies love when their man is in control. They love to be treated like queens. Imagine going on a date with a girl and you are ready for the expenses. It gives you a boss feeling.
Manicured Nails:
Yes men also do manicure. It makes the nails appealing to an extent. You look way better and more attractive to a lady if your nails are cut and clean. Having long nails is a huge no no for most ladies. For real why do you need long nails? keep them trim and clean.
How can this list end without including the beards? No way mehn. Have you not heard of beard gang? It is funny though as not all ladies are big fans of facial hair on their men. Well, majority of girls are team #beardgang but if you find out your woman doesn’t like it, then you both can reach an agreement that is best for you and her. But regardless, keep a clean cut always.

Nice Dressing:

Handsomeness and Physics:

Cute Lips: 

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