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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Get Help Worldwide Xclusive Account Migration, PH & GH Solved

Get Help Worldwide Xclusive Account Migration, PH & GH Solved

This article Get Help Worldwide Xclusive is now online 

As we all know, the new get help worldwide xclusive portal is enhanced to solve so many flaws and to make the system more reliable.

The Exclusive portal is still being worked on and Members are expected to report any bug encountered to support in order to get it corrected. Get Help Worldwide Xclusive Migration (Account).

How do i Migrate my Account from Get Help Worldwide to Get Help Worldwide Exclusive.

First and Foremost click the link below.

Click here to register 

Or sign up with this referal link below
https://xclusive.gethelpworldwide.com/[email protected]

You should see my email address has referral email, You can contact me directly after registering because my details will be shown to you.
After filling the registration form, a verification mail will be sent to the email address you registered with (as in Your personal email).

Login to your email box and click the link sent Email, It will display that your email address have been verified successfully, Now you can now go ahead to login to your account.
After login In, you can go ahead to verify your phone number.

Add bank and bitcoin address, manage your profile and other things.

Click the menu icon (top left corner on mobile phone)
Click migration, Click link account

Follow the steps by clicking next.
The next page should display a form to for you to input your username and password you use to login to your old account and Click next to continue..
A code will be sent to your mailbox,
The email address you used for your old account,
Copy the code sent, head back to the page and paste the code in the box,
Click next , you should see a success message.

Then your PH and GH order will be migrated to the new portal.
More to come I will update this article…
I have created a WhatsApp for Get Help Worldwide Exclusive …


  1. I am ihekona chizoba I have created an acct and I want to migerate my old acct to the new plate form no message has been been sent to my email for me to be fully migerated pls i need it assistance. My email is [email protected]

  2. It is network problem and did you follow the steps as illustrated in the post? If it persist yu will have to contact the admin via Email on gethelpworldwide xclusive site

  3. Please i need urgent help. I used another email as refere to link my account. Now my downliners are on my neck cos the refere is now showing another person. Please is the person now going to be taking my referal bonus and how can i change it

  4. Definately but the best hope yu have now is that yu should contact admin via your account so that you can explain to them and they will help you to rectify the problem...


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