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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Expresspayusa.com: Freshly Opened Donation Platform (Login and Register)

Expressusa.com came out some hours back and testimonies have been on Air for sometime now. So am introducing it to my fellow readers.

About ExpresspayUsa 
 Expresspayusa.com is not a bank,investment company,or get rich quick scheme.We do not collect money from anyone’s bank account.It is simply a community of people that understands. it is more important to work together in order to beat the ‘unfair financial order' we experience in our world today; where only a few people enjoy and control the world's riches and wealth.A condition where the rich keep on getting richer and the poor keep on getting poorer.It is just a platform created to connect donors and receivers together,so collectively,entrepreneurs could raise money for business start-up, students could buy textbooks, and the needy could become self-sufficient.We do not pay money to a central account,we do not pay to the Admins,but rather donation is done transparently amongst the members by a robot system. We have achieved great success in few countries where we currently operate and we hope we can replicate the same success in Nigeria.We look forward to a very long rewarding and profitable time for every member.

Expresspayusa.com Offers the Following Donations For Nigerians

  • Starter Package of N5,000
  • Advance package of N10,000
  • Deluxe Package of N50,000
  • Premium Package of N100,000
  • Gold Package of N200,000

How it Really Works
1. Register with your correct details as outlined in the registration section.
2. Choose a package that can solve your financial needs

3. Donate to the sponsor provided for you, upload ORIGINAL POP (not just anything) and get confirmed.

4. Join the queue and wait patiently till it gets to your turn to receive from two other participants.

5. Get double your donation within 72hours(Please it could be less but while talking to new prospects ensure to tell them maximum of 72hours as stated above to avoid discouragements and unnecessary PANIC. 

6. You get referral bonus of N2, 000 on each confirmed registered member and withdrawal is done once a month.

7. In as much as referral is not compulsory, the system survives on crowd funding. So the more people on board and the more recycles we have, helps the system to deliver its promises. Referral bonus is N2000 for every referral you make. Let’s start making money!!!


ØThis platform is specially designed to end poverty in Nigeria

ØMatching is controlled by ROBOT 2017 (No room for fraudsters)

ØInstant Rematching of donation

ØNo manipulation!No fake POP(We have representatives in almost all Nigeria banks,confirmation of FAKE  POP is done in less than 24hrs)

ØYou CANT loose your hard earn money on this platform. That’s our promise to you!

ØFast and well maintained servers – NO UNSCHEDULED DOWN TIME AND SLOW SYSTEM.

ØRe-Commitment structure to help sustain our community.

ØWe are all about sustaining the system, no greed to collapse the system

ØWe value opinions of our members and make effort to live to their expectations
ØWe believe in financial freedom for all.

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