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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Business: Double Your Donation on CashFeeders.com Now!

Cashfeeders.com is brand new and launched 4pm this afternoon. The model is simple, register for a package (10k, 20k, 50k, 100k), donate and get paired automatically to 2 people to pay you the same amount. As you know, most donation schemes have a problem; most of the people partner with them end up unhappy most of the time.

We have come up with a simple and effective platform that correct all the errors and is very simple and effective to use.

We bring you cashfeeders.com, a scheme that is designed to satisfy every single members as they get double their donations in the blink of an eye.            
Pick A Package Below and Start Getting Double! We do not collect your money. Your growth depends on you. There is no Central account where all the donations flow into.

All the donations are strictly people to people, which means your honesty and sincerity is needed for us to grow. We have a referral bonus in place  (N2000) to encourage those working hard to grow this community, also highest referral per month shall be rewarded with a surprise package.

Why We are different:
We do not tolerate fake POP, E-Beggers and any form of fraud. Any of such will be swiftly dealt with by our active support system.
Fast Rematch
In case of any inability of a user to make payment, you shall be instantly rematch. We know time is money!
Referral Package
A rewarding referal package for all cashbust ambassadors. Let us grow this community together!
With everything we have put in place, We plan to be here a long time
Hurry Now Guys! Its first come, First serve...
Register, pick a package and start doubling: https://cashfeeders.com/register/mena1

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