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Monday, March 13, 2017

10 Most Xclusive Benefits of New GHW Policies on GHW Donation Portal

1.Enforced Email Validation:
This means that each time you PH or GH, an email will be sent to you with a confirmation code which you must then enter on the GHW Xclusive site before your PH or GH is registered. This means that crazy fake people can no longer just PH

2.One Account, One Phone Number:
This means that each time you PH or GH, an SMS verification code will likely be sent to your phone which you must then enter into the website before your PH or GH is fully registered.

3.Ability to Migrate your pending GH to the new system:
This means that for those who have not yet GH, they can wait to GH when the new platform is live, this reduces the risk of you falling into the fake POP currently going on.

4.Unique Account Number per GHW Account:
This is very important as it will eliminate the current practice of identifying accounts based on account name or email as many people share similar names. Hence when you write to support, you can help them track your case much faster by providing your Unique GHW account number. Also, if you have a complaint against a fellow participant, you can write to support stating the account number of the participant in question. This helps support locate the person much faster.

5.10% matching of every PH immediately it is registered:
WOW!!!!. This is the most exciting. This means that people that want to pull us down can no longer just come and register PH anyhow. Each time you PH, you will be matched to pay 10% of your PH sum immediately to another participant. If you fail to do so, your PH will not be registered. For example, if a fraud comes and tries to register a PH of 2 Million when he/she knows they have no intention of paying, the system will demand that they pay 200k upfront before the PH is even registered. This will ensure that fake POP will cease as the people who truly PH are real participants

6.Default on GHW Xclusive will make one lose all his/her migrated GH amount:
This means that the new platform of GHW Xclusive is only for SERIOUS people. If you mess up, you lose big time. Basically, if you have a GH pending in GHW. That GH will be transferred to GHW Xclusive. However, if for any reason you mess up in GHW Xclusive, then you will LOSE all your GH that was transferred from the old platform to the new one.

7.Direct access to your referrer contact details to answer your Support tickets:
This means that referrers can no longer just relax and chop 10% bonus. They now have to work. On the new platform, for example, If you refer 5 people then when each of those people people send tickets to support, support will first forward the tickets to you, their referrer to see if you can answer their questions. If the questions are too tough for you, then support will reply you and then you can reply them. So basically, you can harmonize the questions from all your referees into one set of questions that support can answer after which you reply your downlines. This will free up lots of space in the support ticket system, not what we have presently where people refuse to read updates and write to support to ask questions whose answers they would have gotten if they took the time to read.

8.Introduction of e-Pin for changing bank account or Bitcoin wallet address:

We all know that one of the major ways hackers attack is by hacking into your account and changing you payment details just before you are scheduled to GH, thus when the GH is paid, it goes into their account not yours. This was why GHW initially made a rule where you cannot just change your payment details without first writing to support. However as time went on, hackers started sending emails to support from the hacked emails of some participants requesting such changes and there is no way for support to know that it is not you making such a request since the request came from your email. Also genuine participants may want to change their payment details and find it difficult because Support takes time to reply to such request. Hence on the new platform, an e-pin will be introduced. This will ensure that genuine participants can change their payment details at will, provided that they enter their secret pin and Hackers can't change your payment details because they don't have your secret pin

9.Launch of OFFICIAL GHW forum:
Of recent, it has been observed that many fraudsters and enemies of GHW open several groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram etc claiming to be GHW. Through these channels they spread fake information that ends up confusing the genuine GHW participants. Hence, by creating an OFFICIAL forum, GHW will ensure that all information in the forum is genuine and participant will have an official place to get well informed.

10.Credibility Score will now be used to determine bonus percentage:
WOW!!! Another great idea! This means that unlike before when everybody earns 50% on Bitcoin and 30% on Naira PH, this time, the percentage you earn is directly proportional to your Credibility Score! If you are a committed participant who does not lose credibility score, then you will earn more than the chap who plays around and is unserious with the platform and therefore has a lower credibility score."

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