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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Thehelpersclub.com: How it Really Works (Login and registerations)

The helpers club is a community of friends and families that care for one another by way of donating money to put a smile on someone’s face. With this program you are just a click away from financial freedom.

We are creating a safe and reliable way to raise contributions and send gifts. The system aims at making everyone who participates to be rewarded too. So while you are donating to a member you can also be rewarded for trying to help.

The helpers’ club welcomes you to this program and wishes that you enjoy yourself as you put a smile on the faces of others.

By joining The helpers’ club everyone gets to share and enhance each other’s lives in a convenient and effective way.

Donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another member, from one member’s account to another member’s account.

The helpers’ club is the most reliable and accessible platform, you have a better future with high hopes and more freedom! Join now to make a difference for yourself and others.

When you join, you will donate the sum of #10,000 to a member who may be your sponsor and that will qualify you to be matched with 3 people that will donate #30,000 to you.

Then, you upgrade to level 2 with the sum #15,000 and which will qualify you to be matched with 4 people that will donate #60,000 to you.

You upgrade to level 3 by donating the sum #30,000 and which qualify you to be matched with 8 people that will donate 240,000 to you.

At level 4, you upgrade with the sum of #50,000 and that will qualify to be matched with 16 people that will donate #800,000 to you.

So, you’ll make your first donation to a member. That allows you to be matched with people that will donate to you.

Start Giving Help now

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