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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Suregrant.com,Make Donation And Gain 30% After 7days

 This is a peer-to-pear donation platform desined to help people with financial assistance as grants

1. Register Free
2. Pledge a Donation
3. Receive 30% after seven days
4. Optional: refer people and get upto 70% Bonus

For further details, visit suregrant.com and click HOW IT WORKS.
Join today and be among those profiting from giving assistance to others
Upto 70% referal Bonus.

Always remember at Sure Grant, you are guaranteed sustanable financial life.
How It Works:

Sure Grant is a peer-to-peer donation platform designed to provide financial support by circulating funds among members.

How it works step-by-step guide

Pledge a Donation
Wait to be matched
When Matched, authenticate Receiver
Make Payment
Upload Payment proof
Receiver confirms payment
Wait for release date
Request Grant

Make a recommitment donation
Via available funds, Get 50% Grant instantly
Via new pledge Get 100% Grant after 7days and payment confirmation
Wait to be matched with a donor
When matched, Contact and encourage donor
Receive Fund
Confirm Payment
Write Testimonies, Make videos, promote and express happiness on social media
Publicize your referral link, follow-up downlines, encourage and assist them
Repeat from step three (3)

At Sure Grant, members gain incomes from funds donated. These funds are calculated and rewarded as detailed below.

30% of Donation: This is calculated as 30% of every amount donated and is credited to the donor once for every donation made. The profit and amount donated are made available after payment has been confirmed and elapsed seven days
Referral Bonus: There two types of referral bonuses- Bonus from Direct downlines and bonus from indirect downlines. Direct Downline bonuses are calculated as a percentage of the funds donated by each downline. The percentage to be used for this calculation depends on the number of direct downlines an upline has. See the Compensation plan.
as shown in the compensation scheme, An upline with 0-1 downline will get 5% of amount donated by its Direct downline and its titled PARICIPANT at this stage. Same goes for every upline with 2,5, . . ., 10000 downlines.
For example, if Elizabeth is an upline with 75 Direct downlines(NB:75 is between 60 & 150 Direct Downline as shown in the Compensation Plan), She will be titled SUPERVISOR and will be given 25% of every donations made by all her 75downlines as referral bonus.
Example II: If Elizabeth increased her Direct Downlines to 180 members (NB:180 is between 150 & 500 Direct Downline shown in the Compensation Plan) She will then be honored with the title of ASSOCIATE and will be receiving 30% of every funds donated by all her Direct Downlines with an additional fixed monthly 30 USD as referral.
Example III: When Her Direct Downlines becomes 10000 or above, She becomes a DIRECTOR and earns 60% Direct Bonus with additional fixed monthly 300 USD as referral bonus.


In order to maintain balance and keep Sure Grant going, every qualified member must make a donation during the process of requesting grant. This compulsory donation is called RECOMMITMENT DONATION. Recommitment donations are 50% (or and more) of the amount of Grant being requested which will also gain additional 30% and become available after seven days just as the regular donation. There are two ways of making a recommitment donation. One is via available fund and second is making a new donation. If you opt for available fund, 50% of amount being requested will be deducted back to the system while the other 50% will be instantly available as Grant. If you opt to make a new donation, your current Grant request will remain pending until a recipient confirms your new payment. Ensure amount is readily available before proceeding as failure to comply within allotted period will attract penalties.

Each Stage of your donation are uniquely identified with separate color which will be display bellow soon


Login to your PRIVATE OFFICE and click MAKE A DONATION. Select one or more from the listed amounts and click confirm. All selected amounts will be summed up as TOTAL AMOUNT. If satisfied, Click CONFIRM MY DONATION.

You MUST complete all pending pledge before you can request for grant. There are conditions that must be met before getting Grant. These conditions include:-
1. Be active member of Sure Grant
2. Make Confirmed Donation to other Sure Grant Member
3. Make Recommitment donation not less than fifty percent of Grant Amount

Sign up here

Register here



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