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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Funny Story About a Bank user Who Cant Spell....lol

It was on a Friday afternoon, at some minutes to 4pm, she walked into the banking hall, and her pointed shoes announced her arrival, causing everyone to look up in admiration of her beauty!

You know the kind of beauty that can wake a dead man.!

The weavon she's putting on must have cost a fortune. Considering the current economic reality, the cost of that weavon will likely be enough to pay someone's salary for the month. The hairdresser that fixed the hair, no doubt deserve to win talent hunt for the exceptional skill.

Her make-up is on point! Well crafted to give her the deserved fitting. I won't be surprised if the make-up artist is a magician.

She wore the kind of dress that will convince you that heaven is missing an angel.

The aroma of her perfume would easily finish a bowl of eba for its sweetness.

And the iphone7 handset which she gingerly held to her ear, without minding the security guy frantically waving at her that calls are not allowed in the banking halls, will surely remind you that she belong to a certain class.

Her ascent and use of English shows she must have been a very good student during her time in higher institution.

She could be considered spotless and perfect.

She picked up a deposit slip and searched frantically for a pen to write with.
Before she could say Jack Robinson, more than five guys offered her their pen, but she decided to write with mine; maybe because it was a branded ball pen.

Few minutes later she came back to meet me on the queue, and whispered: "Please can you spell 'thirty' for me?"
Surprised to hear that, I looked down at the deposit slip on her hand.
Lo and behold, she wrote: *'tarty tausanh'!*.

If you were me what would you have done or say?

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