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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Earntc.com: How it works and is it a scam...read more (Login details & Registrations)

Earntc.com: How it works

Click Here to Register


  1.  You MUST Pay a Member within 12 Hours of Registration [weekends inclusive]
  2.  You MUST CREDIT Member's Account within 12 Hours of PLEDGE - Choose the most affordable package for yourself.
  3.  You MUST CONFIRM fund reception within 12 Hours of Receiving payment
  4.  You MUST PLEDGE TO Pay a Member with AT LEAST HALF of last FULL payment within 10 days AFTER You Receive the last Payment i.e. (for example) if you Paid a Member with ₦2,000 and got payment of ₦4,000 You MUST MAKE another PLEDGE of at least ₦2,000 within next 10 days.
  5.  Your Phone/Mobile number MUST be active to Receive a Member's phone call and/or SMS
  6.  You MUST NOT upload fake evidence of payment - AUTOMATIC ACCOUNT DELETION applies afterwards.
  7. • • •
  8.  If you flout any of these rules, your account gets SUSPENDED and subsequently DELETED!

EarnTC - We keep our words!!!

NO OTHER SYSTEM IS AS LOYAL AS THIS - Little Help for a BIG cause!

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