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Friday, February 17, 2017

donationreward.com..Get 100% of your money Within 48hrs

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DonationReward is a program which connects donors from around the world.
It ensures 100% reward in return for initial donation for any participant who had earlier donated to a qualified donor on the system.


Members Make Request To Donate A Certain Amount Between N10,000/$20(Minimum) And N50,000/$100(Maximum) To A Qualified Donor,

After Payment Is Confirmed By The Recipient, Member Becomes A Qualified Donor And Can Request For His/Her 100% Reward After 24hrs Which Will Also Be Donated By Another Donor In 24hrs-7Days.

Donations Can Be Made In Local Currency(N) Or Bitcoin($) And Rewards Would Come In The Currency In Which Donation Was Made.

For instance, if you make a request to donate N10,000, in a couple of hours or days you would be matched with a qualified donor who had requested for his reward.

After making this donation completely, the recepient approves your payment and the system automatically adds you to qualified donor list in which you would be able
to request for your reward of N20,000 after 24hrs.

When you request for your reward, you would also be matched with a donor for your reward or two donors to donate N10,000 to you each.

What happens if the participant i am matched with refuses to donate?

when a participant refuses to donate after 24hrs, the participant who is to donate to you will be suspended and you will be rematched with another donor.

How long does it take to match me with a donor?
It depends on how qualified donors request for their rewards. However it takes 3hrs or 2days maximum to be matched if you request to donate.

How long does it take to to get my rewards after making donation?

Once your payment is approved by the recipient, after 24hrs you can request for your reward and you would be matched with a donor or two in a couple of hours
and the donors must make the donations in 24hrs-48hrs. Practically, you will get your reward in 48hrs.

What do i do if i encounter any forms problem?
you can easily contact us at [email protected] donationreward.com or
[email protected]
As you may want to grow your spare cash in this recession, try http://donationreward.net today and see for yourself.
Sign Up @ http://donationreward.net


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