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Friday, February 10, 2017

Business: Billionairecoin.org and How it Really Works (Login and Registration)


  About Billionairecoin
Billionairecoin is a community where participants can participate to achieve their dreams. In here we use The Power Of Dream + The Power Of Giving + The Power Of Love. The goal in here is not money, the goal is we want to make our dreams come true, make fair financial system, make financial freedom, live in the beautiful world with our biggest family (Billionairecoin Family).

     It is the future of crypto currency that can exchange to Bitcoin instantly. The real value of Billionairecoin is participants accept it, growing of Billionairecoin community. We need 1M participants accept billionairecoin, so we will launch billionairecoin in PUBLIC. And all people a round the world is owner of this asset.

Billioncoin Ideology
     Long time a go that we live without gold and dreams, Long time a go that your dreams can't achieve. But from now on your goal and your dreams will be come true "everything you think is on your hand". In billionairecoin you will find many good leader that have experiences that can lead you to achieve your goal and dreams. In Billionairecoin we the use the law of atraction to atract everything that you want.

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First Start Promotion Promotion 1 First 10 participants who have direct sponsor 10 participants get 10$(BTC) Promotion 2 First 5 participants who have direct sponsor 25 participants get bonus 50$(BTC) Promotion 3 First 2 participants who have direct sponsor 50 participants get bonus 200$(BTC)

Country Leader Register System is Participants, Participants is System! We are need a lot of country leader to become our community to be strong. Please feel free to register with us to become country leader. We will put your information in to our website.

Support option will be in PO next week.
Dear BNC family! After we find some problems happen by system or participants, so we will have the support option that allow all participants feedback the problems to IT team to help solve all participants problems. BNC Moving forward! Participants is System, System is Participants. BNC forever with us! We are here to achieve the dreams!!!
Transfer BNC is available
Dear BNC family! BNC devolop to the next step. Now all participants can transfer BNC to each other for free. Admin try to devolop the system, Participants try to devolop community. We will be the best! We are here to achieve the dream! Admin BNC!!!

Disclaimer: NaijaEssentials is in no way associated or affiliated with any ponzi scheme posted on this blog so Any online transactions made is done at his or her own RISK!!!!


  1. pls kindly merge chicent89 to receive her payment, I joined this platform on 8/7/2017. pls I beg this platform. this is my first time to join pls. thanks.

  2. Contact the admin through their email and they will help yu do that...thanks for the comment all d same...i will help yu get the admin contact

  3. Adim plz Nd plz do something based on this world " waiting to be merged " since last week Nd this is my first time of joining this site plz


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