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Monday, January 23, 2017


She was acting with too much effrontery and he wasn't okay with it at all. He decided to be buying her some wonderful gifts from time to time.
All those audacious Mary-the-mother-of-Jesus attitude to him started evaporating little by little.
'The road don dey clear small small', he muttered.
(After service on Sunday)
'Guess what? I'll be taking you out next week to the best eatery in town.'
She was so happy like that chicken they removed from cage in the market and was so ignorant that December 25th was next week!
(In the eatery, she ordered for chicken pie and some strawberry yogurt)
He looked into her eyes and said to her with a pretentious sad countenance, 'You always say you love me, you love me but I don't believe.'
This lady looked at him dazed. 'How will you say that after all these love you're been showing me?'
(Chairman, release the cat out of the bag jare)
'Follow me to my house if you know you love me.'
'Just this night' he quickly added.
Haaaa... This lady looked up and was dumbfounded. She gave him a sign of let-me-finish-my-pie-first. She ate the pie and gave that wide smile at the end of the last bite like someone they've hypnotized.
She was looking like today's-bread in the eyes of the young man. #So_succulent_and_soft . Chai!
She later responded to him as she was zipping her handbag.
'Okay. I'll go with you but just this night o. You know Pastor must not hear this. And I want to show you I love you'

WRITER: What! Show kini? My sister, but you were not like this before. What happen to you? Abi is it the chicken pie that turned your brain? Okay. I see...

(Holding the sister's neck in anger)

Oya, vomit the chicken pie right now.

E dami lo won o(Answer me o) if you want me to leave your neck.

Vomit it now!!!
Vomit your  sense !
Gifts still has the potential of blinding the eyes.
Be careful lest you become a 'has-been' still existing.

(an individual who's a "has-been" is a person who had a track record of a good lifestyle or ethical standard, important and admired. Right now, all is just history but the person is still alive!)

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