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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Register on www.paydoublers.com. – Get 100% in 7 days or Less (Registration and Login)

 Get 100% in 7 days or Less (Registration and Login

paydoublers.com: Get 100% in 7 days or Less (Registration and Login)
paydoublers mission

This platform is created towards helping both poor and average Nigerians earn double of whatever they invested in less than a week. It's as simple and clear as that.

paydoublers vision

 We've worked on correcting unneccessary issues many other online community helping programs develop overtime, some of which are as follows:
  1. Frustrating system upgrade lasting for days.
  2. Site overload.
  3. Long period payment merging.
  4. Or even full system crash.
We aim at having a swift, convenient and fast payment workflow to members for a period of atleast 3 SOLID YEARS!, and this program has been engineered to do just that.


How paydoublers works:

 Once you register, you'll be merged to someone who you would pay within 48 hours. The payment amount you make depends on the plan in which you chose during registeration. After payment, you are to send a confirmation request to the person you paid to and await his/her confirmation. When you are confirmed, you'll automatically be given two slots of the payment you made and two persons will be merged to pay you that same amount in less than a week! Here's the list of our plans and amount of investment you can make with them.

Planned Amount to Invest

Copper Account ₦5,000
Bronze Account ₦10,000
Silver Account ₦20,000
Gold Account ₦50,000
Diamond Account ₦100,000

What paydoublers is About

We won't stress you out to refer people in order to earn with Pay Doublers, sit comfortably at home or place of work and wait for the cash as they come. But hardworking people will earn extra ₦10,000 if they happen to refer just two members.

Login Here

Disclaimer: NaijaEssentials is in no way associated or affiliated with any ponzi scheme posted on this blog so Any online transactions made is done at his or her own RISK!!!!


  1. Enter your comment...d site isnt opening again guessed it got crashed..... Paydoublers are you guys still intact

  2. Pls the site is not opening again ooo, which kind wahala b dis, I money oo

  3. pls what has been de issue im having problem login, is like this site has finally crashed too
    . pls somebody should talk to me bcos i cannot afford lost my money again

  4. pls what has been de issue im having problem login, is like this site has finally crashed too
    . pls somebody should talk to me bcos i cannot afford to lost my money again

  5. Its worrisome oo, abeg don't disappoint us o

  6. Please can someone answer this ,has this site really crashed or are they working on the site...will thy still open are pay us...

  7. for now i guess they are currently out of service. that is server problem

    1. Peter please do you have any idea when thy will come back online,bcos the site can't even open again.

  8. I dont know dopa chris...i am not the site admin...

  9. Please what is happening oo!! the site is no more opening again

  10. this is annoying. somebody will use his hard earned money to pay another person and all of a sudden the site goes off without notice or changing to new site. too bad.

  11. This a site that promised 3yrs of uninterrupted service scammers!!! I'm so disappointed

  12. This a site that promised 3yrs of uninterrupted services.... Scammers!!! This Very disappointing

  13. Pls open this site once again am begging

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