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Friday, January 13, 2017

MMM-Nigeria “Ponzi scheme” back with Bitcoin-based currency

MMM “Ponzi scheme” back in South Africa with Bitcoin-based currency
The report stated that MMM told Nigeria on its Facebook page that “mavro-BTC is being introduced in the system”.
This follows the scheme telling members in 2016 that they could not withdraw their “old rand-based mavros” due to a scheme “reset”.
“MMM South Africa blamed its system’s crash on a media campaign to shut down the Ponzi scheme,” stated the report.
It told South African members to be patient while its “programmers finished updating the system with new mechanics”.

Bitcoin-based currency

8th January 2017, MMM introduced a “new mavro-BTC” to its members.
“The new currency is being advertised to its members around the world, including Japan, China, Mexico, as well as in South Africa – where the scheme also collapsed in 2016,” So when investing now you can either use the yout countries currency or bitcoin

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