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Monday, January 30, 2017

Business: Make 100% in 30 Days From Getbtchelp.com (Details Login & Registrations)

Make 100% in 30 Days From Getbtchelp.com
Getbtchelp.com platform was launched in JANUARY 2017, and GETBTCHELP Community is already fulfilling its purpose of Global financial Freedom. Thanks to the mastermind behind this greate platform who believes people to help each other in increasing the standard of living worldwide and we also believe this can be done within a short interval of 30days. 

How it works

  1. A Member will click on  Provide Help and select PLANS.
  2. The Member then types amount he or she is willing to Put Into the system and click on ‘submit’.
  3. The Member makes the payment on the Payment details of the order.
  4.  After payment, the member must attach proof of payment to the order.
  5. When the transaction is confirmed the member is added on the payout queue.
  6. The Receiving member will see an order on the dashboard and confirm when payment is received.
  7. The trader goes back to step one


We offer the best services as a result of consolidation of all best practices of other communities. We combine them to create a more advanced and effective system. 2 days after it was launched, GETBTCHELP platform is currently receiving Massive attendances from different countries around the Globe. The idea of “GETBTCHELP” just like MMM but with an advanced and well researched community to tackle all problems faced by other communities and came up with a more brighter system that has a great feature for people who are ready to provide help and receive help which will encouraged and transformed lots of Elites. Confirmation of the genuine nature of the initiative to the World. The community "GETBTCHELP" is obviously going worldwide on all social media platforms, we are observing everyone on every important place on the web. Which is a better way to confirm the success and its appeal to the world at large.

GETBTCHELP is using this avenue to thank you all for your support and to urge global leaders and rest of the GBH users to extend their support and love to their respective Countries and also extend the successes of the GBH initiative.

All our participant are important, and we Admins are less important. You are the ones who get things done. We appreciate every single individual supporting this, In spite of all negative comments
How to Provide Help
1. Click On The Register Button To Become A Member
2. Use "admin" as the sponsor is if you are not referred to the site by any member.
3. After Registration, Click on Login Button and Enter your Username and Password to Login
4. On your Dashboard Click On PAYMENT DETAILS to Enter your BITCOIN ADDRESS and save
5. Then, Proceed to your dashboard and click on PROVIDE HELP button.
6. Select the PLAN and Enter the amount in dollars to PH.
7. Click OK to Confirm and wait for pairing 
8. Once you are paired, Login to your BITCOIN ACCOUNT and send the money to the address.
9. After Making Payment, Upload your transaction ID 
10. Wait for Confirmation 
11. One you are confirmed your profit start growing after 24 hours for the next 30 days.
How to WIthdraw After 30 days
1. After you have successfully provided help,Login to your account and click on GET HELP Button
2. Enter the Amount you want to withdraw 
3. Click on OK  to confirm your withdrawal
4. You will be paired with people that will PH to you.
5. Once you receive the money from them, confirm their payment.


1. Go to blockchain.info/wallet or coinbase.com 
2. Click On Open a Bitcoin Account.
3. Register with your Email and Password
4. Verify Your Email Address


1. Login to your BITCOIN account and click on RECEIVE button
2. The long Character is your BITCOIN ADDRESS which you need for
    transaction on GETBTCHELP.com
 Contact: [email protected]
Disclaimer: NaijaEssentials is in no way associated or affiliated with any ponzi scheme posted on this blog so Any online transactions made is done at his or her own RISK!!!!

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