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Saturday, January 07, 2017

How Bitcogate truly works. ( Registration and login details)

Bitcogate was launched just a few weeks ago with 1 underlying foundation that the developers hold very close to their hearts- Family. Family in the sense that anybodu involved in it is like brothers and sisters 
Nigerians abandon other ponzi sites for Bitcogate

The idea behind Bitcogate was not to have competition between members but to make sure that all member that are participating make it to the top but not at the same time.

Bitcogate was developed on the technique that it won't use a referral links like other ponzi schemes use.. All you need do is Register and upgrade to level 1 and you will be paired to with 2 people and the 2 people under you will be paired with 2 people each and so on and that's how yu earn yur millions.
Nigerians abandon other ponzi sites for Bitcogate

Bitcogate was developed out of the mistakes and errors of certain other MLM platforms. There is no central account, payments are all securely done via Blockchain authentication and via peer-to-peer. The other thing that sets Bitcogate apart from ALL other platforms is that there are no weekly or monthly timers on any registered accounts. Once you have upgraded to Level 1, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you are taken care of by the Bitcogate system. Whether you get downlines in 2 hours or 2 days, you can rest assured you WILL cycle! This is the Bitcogate family guarantee!
How does Bitcogate work? 
It’s simple. You register an account and upgrade to Level 1 using 0.02 BTC. 

Once you have done so, the system will allocate 2 referrals to you. These will be your Level 1 downlines. 

The system will now allocate 2 members each to your Level 1 downlines and this will go on until your entire 2x5 matrix is complete.

You will need 2 people for Level 1, 4 people for Level 2, 8 people for Level 3, 16 people for Level 4 and 32 people for your final level- Level 5. 

At Level 5, you can sit back and enjoy your bountiful harvest of ±55 BTC after making the life-changing decision to join Bitcogate with just 0.02 BTC.
Bitcogate Earning Table

Nigerians abandon other ponzi sites for Bitcogate

Reasons why Nigerians are joining Bitcogate.com

1. On blockchain, you only need 0.02btc for your first donation. (So have your blockchain bitcoin wallet funded with at least 0.0203 BTC) 

2. On bitcogate, there is no need for aggressive referral recruitment, creating different teams with different links, organizing seminars and all that, Youdont have to refer anybody, (Infact you don't have a referral link). Everyone belongs to 1Team!. The system is designed that way.

3. Bitcogate is new, as at today 6/01/2017, Bitcogate has 2411 members, and a projected 30,000 members monthly, this means if you join today, in two months time, you must have earned 55BTC (over $45,000) (about N23m) back to back to back!!!.

4. With Bitcogate, there is no monthly subscription expiry or timer!!! All you need do is to login and see if you have received enough donations for your level and upgrade.

5.  Bitcogate also has an online support portal where you can chat and send messages to the Admins/support team.

6. Bitcogate is a community of serious people as the expiry for first upgrade is 6 hours, this means even if the total members are 1million, speedy growth is assured for new members.

With the Bitcoin price at an all-time high, now is the perfect time to join Bitcogate and start collecting Bitcoins!

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Nigerians abandon other ponzi sites for Bitcogate

Join Bitcogate Official Telegram or WhatsApp group to learn more

Disclaimer: NaijaEssentials is in no way associated or affiliated with any ponzi scheme posted on this blog so Any online transactions made is done at his or her own RISK!!!!

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