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Friday, January 20, 2017

Become Rich :Learn Tricks On How To Earn Free Bitcoin Online within 10mins(Read)

1. EarnCryptoCoins

* EarnCryptoCoins offers multiple working faucets in one interface.
* There are currently 27 popular cypto coins supported, including BeeCoin, BeliCoin, HoboNickels, KarmaCoin, MintCoin, MovieCoin, and others.
* You may save wallet addresses for all the coins you collect, and you will need to remember and enter them again. It is easy to record new addresses or change them if needed.
* For most faucets, you can revisit once an hour.
* Referral program available (usually, it is 10% of earnings).
* Payments are made collectively once a day, based on the saved wallet addresses.
* You need to register with the site to be able to use all benefits.
Website: http://earncryptocoins.com/index.php?ref=6386

2. CoinOK

* CoinOK is offering working faucets, paper wallets, and scratch games for multiple popular coins.
* There are currently 20 altcoins’ faucets available, including Coin2, DNotes, EccCoin, FlappyCoin, RabbitCoin, TopCoin, and others.
* You may visit the faucets once an hour, and the payments are sent instantly as earned. No minimum thresholds for payouts.
* You may try scratch game to win some coins, but it never worked for me. Scratch game prizes are paid every Sunday for the previous week.
* Registration is not required and available.
Website: http://coinok.pw/

3. AltCoin Faucet

* AltCoin Faucet provides a central place for multiple faucets covering several crypto coins.
* There are currently 30 faucets available, including BitBar, LiteCoin, RabbitCoin, FedoraCoin, ReddCoin, and others.
* Visit frequency depends on the coin, and it may range from 2 hours to 1 day.
* The faucet performance conditions are clearly listed for each coin, including the minimum and maximum payouts per visit, minimum amount for withdrawal, transaction fee, and required timeout between visits.
* Registration is not required and available.
Website: http://altcoinfaucet.net/

4. DeathExchange

* DeathExchange House offers a single entry point for several crypto coins.
* There are currently 8 coins covered, including CageCoin, DimeCoin, GrumpyCoin, MoonCoin, and others.
* Collection frequency is once an hour.
* Note that the captcha is case sensitive on this site.
* Registration and log in is required for the site operations.
Website: http://deathxchange.com/index.php

5. BitcoinProject

* BitcoinProject provides a single interface to access several altcoin faucets.
* There are currently 6 coins covered, including DogeCoin, TitleCoin, HunterCoin, RubyCoin, and others.
* Registration is not needed to operate on the site.
* Payments are relatively low, but instant and reliable.
Website: https://bitcoinproject.net/

6. Bitcoin Master

* The Bitcoin Master is a home for several faucets giving opportunity to get altcoins for free.
* There are currently 20 coins supported, including CatCoin, DogeCoin, LiteCoin, LottoCoin, SexCoin, and others.
* These faucets have very low rewards, but are different from all other since you may play with them with no limitation. The earning will drip as you execute faucet.
* Payouts are different for different coins, and it may take you some time to reach it.
Website: http://www.thebitcoinmaster.com/


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