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Monday, January 16, 2017

5 ways MMM-Nigeria members use to brainwash new members and themselves.

Have you ever had a real conversation with a die hard MMM member?

You look at them while they talk so pationately and you wondering
If they have brains at all or they are high on oxytocin
I am not at war with MMMites, I am a Nigerian and I know how hard and difficult it is to live in a country
Where 1 dollar is 495naira, or where kerosine goes for as high as 500naira Or where petrol sells as high as 145naira and even on d vedge of more increase.
Our politicians and leaders are thieves and our financial institutions are not helping us either
But in d face of all this, do we really need to start feeding on each other's flesh to survive?
MMM kills but yet, it is not illegal to engage in it, if you wish to engage in it fine, but please stop insulting our inteligence and cajoling other less Witty members of the populace with the following ideologies

1. THEY WILL TELL YOU MMM OPERATES ON CROWDFUNDING like seriously? Do you even know what crowd funding is? Do you know crowd funding conflicts with the main ideology of MMM which is "peer to peer system"
What is crowdfunding ?
Crowdfunding is by definition, “the practice of funding a project or
venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people,
typically via the Internet.”
Yes, MMM involves members who are friends,customers,colleagues,neighbours,that we know, but are we realy pooling resources together? Are we aiming for a particular sum in capital to engage on a project for on MMM?
*Crowd funding must involve a central account(s) on which everyone who wants to pool funds must pay into those designated account. Does MMM have a central account? I thought you say it is peer to peer, so where do you "pool" your funds?
*Crowd funding must have a perceived sum in view in which members can know how much has been pooled together at any time
Does MMM has this feature? Can we know how much has been invested in d system?
Crowd funding is an example of when we contributed for OJBs surgery not each n everyone paying to individual accounts n calling it crowdfunding.

2. THE SCHEME is like your local esusu or credit n thrift society : I laugh really, I heard this from a graduate n I was amazed.
Do you know how a reasonable credit society works?
A member contributes 1k for 5monts =5k
He asks for help. He can be allowed 100% of what he had put into the society. I.e 10k
This is where mmmites definition stops. They wunt tell you that you are to payback the whole 10k
You collected + interest even tho small like a meager 6% ontop. So, you must payback 10,600 naira back into the society.
Is this how MMM operates? No, you put 5k in MMM u get 6500 + 20$ and you are not under obligation to pay back.
Even when u desire to plough back u can decide to put in 1k, so inverably u card away with d rest, but mind u, u still have
300 naira to enjoy from that your 1k at the end of d month. So, please where is the balance in d system?
MMM operates on the basis of free money while credit society operates on the basis of complete restitution with additional interest
Payback for its members. So, please it does not work like a cooperative society.
Even in the normal ajo u do in ur office. The fact that u collect 1st 50k from a 5 man ajor means u will pay back 10k in 5months.
That is a balanced system of needs.

3. WHEN YOU PROVIDE HELP YOU GET HELP : this is what some use to deceive you that u are a philanthropist in the system.
That your name is in the hall of fame as a benevolent member of the society.
You provide help of 100k and you in turn Get help of 130k. This is what the Pharisees n saducess will have engaged in in Jesus time
Sheer hypocrisy. You are only robbing someone in a digital sense cos your 30k is not justified on any ground.
This is why this scheme is plain immoral even though not illegal.

4. THE SCHEME has made people millionaires, it saves lives(financial independence) : guys no one is disputing you can make millions on MMM
Someone said if not for MMM he/she would not have gotten his present job. He had excess money from someone that has
Just paid him and as such could travel to a distant place to take an interview.
MMM helped him do a world class wedding, buy his first car, complete his new house, revive his business.
Yes, it does this. But for each n every of those success stories, lies hundreds of people with woes tale.
How different are you from that person that went to do juju so other people's success will come to him?
You have only gained n enriched yourself with other people pain n poverty. You my friend are killing people's destiny.

5.MMM is a business/investment after all you have seen from 1-4 I need not beat too much about this, it is neither both.
You just climbing other people's head to make it, my brother, it's a desperation for money that is driving you into this
The same desperation that makes people do money rituals and sell human parts for money.
Yours however is a digital and online ritual, that is how bad it is if u let your mind free n see MMM and others for what they are.
Gone are the days people post life changing information on investment and business section.
Alot have learnt skills and trade on NL here, I personally learnt importation and graphic designing here.
I learnt hardcore excel here, I got ideas from smart people here, but it's all on a decline because of MMM
All u see is, invest 1000 and get 100,000 in 24hrs, please all this must stop, if MMM dies, dey all die too
And intuitive people can come back online to share ideas. Let's use wisdom to help ourselves out not feeding on each other through useless referral bonuses. It's killing our creativity.

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