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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Join the mutual grant community today! (10% increase growth and 60% bonus)

MutualGrant.org is a social financial communities where members provide financial help to each other and earn financial rewards for doing so. As a new user, when you provide help for the very first time on Mutual Grant, you receive 10% interest growth on your donation weekly, which amounts to 40% in a month with a first time bonus of 60% thus equaling a 100% so you literally double your money on your first donation!

Aside from your 40% monthly earnings, you earn 10%, 5% and 3% referral bonuses on people you refer as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level referrals respectively. Mutual Grant is still relatively new in Nigeria and there is no better time to join the community than now as there are loads of benefits that come with being an early generation member in Nigeria.

What you need to know before you start Mutual Grant Community 

What is mutual grant

Mutual Grant is a social financial network where donors from all over the world meet to provide help to each other and get financial rewarded for doing so after 30 days as their money grows.

Who owns mutual grant

Mutual Grant is not the private property of anybody or group rather, it is the collective effort of financial analysts and philanthropists from around the world to help make the world a better place without poverty.

If nobody owns it, how is it operated and maintained?

In the beginning, the process being replicated on www.mutualgrant.org was practised offline using more traditional means of communication to enforce the system currently online and a fee was charged every participating member annually to maintain the system. That same system is still being used today.

What if the original participants decide to stop funding the system?

The system as it is today is already self sustaining. To ensure even longer existence of this platform, plans are already in place to move the technology to block chain and automate the entire process with the system paying for itself automatically with little supervision from users.

What is the minimum amount I can donate?

5, 000 units of your local currency.

What is the maximum amount I can donate?

3, 000, 000 units of your local currency.

Is there referral bonus?

Yes, participants earn 10%, 5% and 3% on their level 1, 2 and 3 referrals respectively

What happens if I fail to fulfil a payment order?

Your account will be blocked and will only be reopened if your reason(s) for failing to make payment(s) are genuine.

Where does Mutual Grant gets money to pay such high interest rates?

Mutual Grant does not incur any liability in any way rather Mutual Grant is an online community where donors meet. The platform's algorithm calculates the amount of Provide Help and Get Help at any one time in the system to ensure there are always enough donor pledges to fulfil asking donors. To make sure a collapse does not occur, several fail safe financial systems have been built into the platform.

How do I know I have received a payment order?

An email notification will be sent to your registered email. Subsequently, reminders will be sent to your email too.

Will Mutual Grant be here for the long term?

Mutual Grant has already been operated offline for years and we hope to be here to serve not just this generation but the one that comes after us and in the process, create a new financial vehicle through which individuals, businesses and countries make money to usher mankind into the next phase of financial prosperity.

Click on the link below to register 

NB: You don’t have to pay money to sign up, membership is free but you start earning when you provide help.


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    As a new user, when you provide help for the very first time on Mutual Grant, you receive 10% interest growth on your donation weekly which amounts to 40% in a month with a first time bonus of 60%. You literally double your money on your first donation! http://mutualgrant.org/[email protected]

    This is to inform our beloved community that we have a life time 100% bonus on your first donation. You get the usual 40% interest plus an additional 60% bonus on your first donation
    http://mutualgrant.org/[email protected]

    YOU BECOME guider immediately, participants earn 10%, 5% and 3% on their level 1, 2 and 3 referrals respectively 
    my friend,join this great community now. dont wait for others.
    call/whatapp me if ANY QUESTION ARISE
    REGISTER NOW!0802746578
    http://mutualgrant.org/[email protected]


  2. Mutual grant is a social financial community where people from all over the world come to donate money to each other and earn finanacial rewards for doing so after 30 days. The world is full of complex financial instruments such as bonds, shares, tenured deposits and other investment vehicles that are hard to understand but none of them makes an investor more money than a social finacial community like mutual grant.

    Mutual Grant was created by a group of financial analysts and philanthropists from around the world who understand the fundamentals of how money and how giving works and have spent years running the mutual grant community offline. The mutual grant financial team of experts have created a community that allows er members to make huge amount of money over a short period of time through mutual financial help
    It is the hope of the creators of Mutual Grant that extreme poverty will be a thing of the past and if the world chooses to engage this social financial network more, every household and person in the world can live above poverty permanently.To register for 100 %mutual grant simply log on to www.mutualgrant.org/[email protected]


  3. ❗❗❗ MUTUAL GRANT ❗❗❗

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    ✔ Naira💸 - YES
    ✔ Manager- Direct 100 referrers qualify you🤑
    ✔ Referrers Bonus- 10%
    ✔ 2nd generation referra5%
    ✔ 3rd generation referra 3%

    👏 Merging- 2weeks👍


    ❌ No matrix system or pyramid
    ❌ No central account
    ❌ You mustn't bring someone before you earn.

    Contact or Whatsapp- 08110650956

    Click on this http://mutualgrant.org/[email protected]


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