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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What You Nees To Know About iCharity Club Nigeria

Every Nigerian needs this. Its Member to member helping community.

When you Register, you will need to donate the sum of N6000 ($20) to a fellow member, and he will then confirm your donation and then the system (Admin) will put 5 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you N6000 each, into your bank account, making N30000. You can also bring people to register under you if you can't wait for the system to do it for you.
After having 5 people under you, you can now upgrade to Grade 2, which you Will also need to pay N12000 from your N30000 to a Grade 2 upline Member and now you don't need to worry on how to get people in this level.

The system will bring 25 persons under you who will pay you N12000 each making N300000..you can make these within 12 days of joining and it continues to other higher Grades up to Grade 10,That's how it works.

Don't worry the system will bring you the 5 Downlines that will donate to you, via spillovers.
All donations are made direct to your bank account.

Grab this opportunity which is really amazing, it's new in Nigeria and is spreading really fast. Find time to look at it. Reg with  David Banks

You can click the links below in case you wanna more about icharity

National Leader`s WordDetails base on IcharityBenefits for Zone SponsorsWe have added new zones

Whatsapp contact: 08069806933

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