18 Clear Signs You Have Been Single For Far Too Long

For singles: if you are still having problems with dating or finding  girlfriend then this is for you. All you need to do is to work on yourself and help yourself by driving all this tips away so that you can find your dream girl..

1. Your friends don’t bother trying to hook you up with anyone anymore

Because there’s really no point.

2. And even your annoying aunties have stopped asking you when you will marry

They’ve given up on you too.

3. You can’t remember the last time you went on a date

4. Or even had a crush on somebody

5. You’re constantly third-wheeling your friends

6. And you have a profile on very dating site

7. You absolutely hate attending weddings

8. And you instantly roll your eyes when you see another engagement announcement on facebook

Because you’re tired of buying Aso ebi.

9. Your Pastor is tired of inviting you for singles’ meet

10. And valentine’s day is the worst day of the year for you

11. Your parents have given up on getting grandchildren from you

12. And your younger siblings and cousins are probably all married with kids

13. When you go out, you secretly fantasise about meeting ‘the one’

Tangled gif

14. Your consolation is that love probably does not exist

15. Your gadgets are your best companions

Your laptop sleeps beside you on the bed.

16. You’ve even forgotten the last time you were in a relationship

17. Or who your last ex-was

18. And you just keep wondering why nobody wants to love you

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